Pastel Lithium is on his way to making some of his own babies! 2016 lock

100% het pied x pastel lithium

0.1 2016 Holdback from our PLith x 100% het pied clutch! This female lithium 66% het pied is a stunner for sure.  

I dont know about you but a new season always gets me giddy! Starting the year off strong with 2 amazing clutches. 

Homegrown Scales

It will take me a little bit, but I am in the process of updating all of our collections pictures, and most of this website.  With moving into a new house I've been an incredibly busy person, unfortunately between the creatures, and stuff going on with the house Ive had little time to take some pictures/update. Bare with me, it will all get done.  Feel free to see day to day stuff on Facebook. 




pkyb Summer 2015

Pewksyb Growing up strong! look at those colors!  It took me a minute to figure out her genetics but I think we gots it!

New year brings new projects!

Early 2015 holdback.  Were excited by this girl.  Possibly another world first?

0.1 2015 Pewter Kingspinyb

Shes a keeper!

Pastel kingpin yb 2014